Escondido allows its residents to enjoy a slow-paced life while still being near a highly urbanized location. This location also makes for a healthy and active lifestyle given its proximity to beaches and areas where outdoor sports is highly encouraged.

Best Homes in Escondido
The moon over at Escondido, California. (Photo Credits) shared cost of living data on Escondido, and why it is a good place to settle in. “Escondido , CA is located in San Diego County . It has a population of 149,079, and we have a cool graph below that shows the city’s ethnic diversity, as well as other important facts and figures. What about cost of living in Escondido , CA? The median income in Escondido , CA is $50,899 and the median home value is $346,000, which should give you a pretty good idea of its affordability.”

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Houses in Escondido also described houses in Escondido and how it is to live in the city. Apart from describing the neighborhood, they also mentioned in their Escondido feature write-up the prices of homes in the area.

“More than 30 neighborhoods make up the Escondido municipality, with the average home listings higher than most American cities. The Del Dios district proves this point with the median house starting at almost $700,000. Sheridan Avenue and North Ash Street are a little less expensive as the median home averages around $428,000. Needless to say these neighborhoods are gorgeous, with freshly cut lawns and large lovely homes lining the streets.”

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Property Report Escondido

Livability and real property website has shared information, such as property report Escondido for those considering to invest or buy a home in this city.

“The home price to income ratio in Escondido, CA is 6.8x, which is 6% higher than the California average. In order to determine the home affordability ratio, you would divide the median home price by the median home income. If you find that in Escondido, CA the home price to income ratio is lower than average that means that in general, housing is more affordable.”

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Escondido is a city with diverse population, an exciting place that offers a simple lifestyle, without being too far from the best life that a fast-paced city can offer.

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