Bonita is a five square mile unincorporated area in San Diego County, California. It is in the middle of San Diego City, National City, and the City of Chula Vista. The climate in the area somehow differs depending on the geographical location. Those in the inland, tend to be warm, and those in the outer portions have a fair weather.

Homes in Bonita
An overlooking view from Bonita, California. (Photo Credits)

Bonita has stables and horse farms, and equestrianism continues to be a hobby in this area. WikiPedia says more about this in its entry about this Census Designated Place in the state of California.

“Equestrianism has long been a part of the Bonita community, and many trails exist throughout the Lower Sweetwater Valley. There are a number of connections to trails external to Bonita as well. In fact many residents still keep their own horses and can be seen riding the trails regularly. The Bonita Valley Trails organization monitors and supports the network of trails throughout the valley.”

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Houses in Bonita which ranks different cities and communities has shared real estate information about Bonita, CA. In its website, it discussed about housing costs in the area, vis-à-vis the median income of those residing there.

“The median home price in Bonita is $530,600, while the median rent for a one bedroom apartment is $1708 . The median salary in Bonita , CA, is $84,526, and depending on how yours compares, it should help you determine which housing option is best for you.”

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Property Report Bonita has come up with a property report and outlook about Bonita, California. Apart from the outlook, they tackled as well the affordability of real estate properties in the said community.

“Properties in Bonita, CA average a cost of $562,900, which is 38% higher than the median home price for real estate located in California. This means that the region of Bonita, CA is, on average, less affordable when compared to the remainder of California. Since tenants living in Bonita, CA will pay an average of $1,746, the median rental cost is 35% higher than in California.”

The rest of the information can be found here.

Bonita is indeed a promising location to invest into, real-property wise.

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