Chula Vista is the second largest city in the whole San Diego County, and is about 12 kilometers away from Downtown San Diego. It is also near the Mexican border and measures about 134 Square Kilometers.

Homes in Chula Vista
A home in the Chula Vista Neighborhood. (Photo Credits)

WikiPedia shared a description of the city in one of its entries. “Owning up to its Spanish name origins – beautiful view – Chula Vista is located in the South Bay region of San Diego County, between the foothills of the Jamul and San Ysidro Mountains (including Lower Otay Reservoir) and San Diego Bay on its east and west extremes, and the Sweetwater River and Otay River at its north and south extremes.”

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About houses in Chula Vista

According to the official website of the City of Chula Vista, the local government is trying its best to make Chula Vista a close-knit and secure neighborhood. The neighborhood community watch is one of the community crime prevention tools implemented by the city government.

“Neighborhood Watch is a community involvement program where residents and business owners partner with police to detect and prevent crime in their communities. Neighbors who participate in the Neighborhood Watch program have learned to curb crime by keeping doors and windows locked, parking cars in garages and not leaving valuables in their vehicles. In addition, many have installed locked mail boxes which help reduce mail theft. They also share crime prevention tips.”

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Property Report Chula Vista

Neighborhood Livability Ratings Website says Chula Vista is true to its name in being a sunny neighborhood. In its description of the city, it mentioned that most families will find an ideal community within the neighborhoods of Chula Vista.

“Some of the best neighborhoods to check out include Rolling Hills Ranch, Eastlake Greens, and Otay Ranch. One great thing that these locations all have in common is great weather! The average temperature is never too hot or too cold so it is comfortable year round. It is never very windy and precipitation is minimal. You will see more comfortable, sunny days than cloudy and rainy days.”

Take a look at Chula Vista’s neighborhood ratings here.

Chula Vista is indeed an interesting neighborhood to live in.


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