El Cajon can just be one of the sunniest places in San Diego with the warm weather that always invites for outdoor activities. This same weather has encouraged more families and individuals to relocate and raise their families in this city that is about 270 kilometers away from Downtown San Diego.

Homes in El Cajon
Gardening enthusiasts will always have a great time in El Cajon because its climate is very conducive for planting and gardening work. (Photo Credits)

Its local government also helps make residents and investment property owners in the area more secure through community watch programs like the Vacation Home Checks discussed in the City of El Cajon’s official website.

“The El Cajon Police Department’s Retired Senior Volunteer Patrol is pleased to offer a free “Vacation Home Check Program” to the citizens of El Cajon. Trained RSVP volunteers will perform a thorough inspection of your property (M-F) while you are away. This inspection includes a perimeter check, physical and/or visual check of all the doors and windows, verification of vehicles left on the property, and verification of any person(s) found on the property. Anything suspicious in nature will be reported and you or your emergency contact will be notified.”

Read more about the program here.

About houses in El Cajon

More people are considering to live in El Cajon because of the sunny weather and the many amenities available in the area. Community livability rankings website Niche.com has published information about living in El Cajon including its demographics, standard commute time within the city, and more.

“The median income in El Cajon , CA is $45,925 and the median home value is $345,800, which should give you a pretty good idea of its affordability. El Cajon , CA is also the perfect place to break in your new shoes, due to its WalkScore ® of 52.1685.”

Take a look at the rest of Niche.com’s report here.

Property Report El Cajon

Livability rankings website AreaVibes.com came up with real property statistics within El Cajon, California. It also ranked the city in terms of the many factors prospective property owners would like to assess prior to purchasing a home or investment property in the area.

“On average, a home in El Cajon, CA costs $369,000 while each household has an average income of $46,374. Consequently, the ratio of home price to household income is 8.0x; this ratio is 24% higher than the average in California. Calculating the home affordability ratio involves dividing the average price of a home by the average income of homes in El Cajon, CA. When the ratio of home price to income is relatively low, the implication is that homes are more affordable on the basis of the home price in comparison with the home income.”

Read the rest of the report from the original entry here.

El Cajon will always be a great place to invest into within the San Diego County.

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