La Mesa has a unique charm that enamors visitors and its residents to enjoy the culture that it offers. It is an established area compared to its neighboring cities that are recently developed, hence the properties in the location are varying from residential, to apartment complexes to commercial areas and co-living spaces.

Sunny La Mesa has interesting paths to explore. (Photo Credits) came up with an interesting description of this City within the San Diego County.

“At the La Mesa Depot Museum, built in 1894, an antique steam locomotive and two railroad cars sit next to twin tracks that the sleek, red, electric San Diego Trolley uses, and a modern trolley stop is a few steps away. Walk across Spring Street (Historic Route 80) to La Mesa Boulevard, and you’re deep into the old downtown business strip that has been spruced up and livened up. Renamed The Village, it’s home to antique shops, second-hand clothing stores, neighborhood-style bars, and a used-book store – but also a wine-tasting room, art galleries, a cigar bar, restaurants with sidewalk seating, and a tea room.”

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About houses in La Mesa

The La Mesa City government are doing what they can to ensure the safety and security of homes within their jurisdiction. One of the projects they have is a neighborhood watch specifically for those in apartment buildings in the La Mesa area.

“The Crime Free Multi-Housing crime prevention program is designed to enhance the quality of life for residents living in apartment complexes throughout La Mesa. Police Department staff work with owners and managers in this cooperative partnership. The program includes an inspection of the property to assess any recommendations for crime prevention measures, training for owners and managers, and organizing meeting with tenants, the use of a “Crime Free” lease addendum, and periodic follow-up meetings. “

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Property Report La Mesa

The real estate outlook in La Mesa is slightly pricey than the average properties sold across the State of California. Such data was shared by livability rankings website Area Vibes.

“Note how the median home price for La Mesa, CA runs $421,200, which is 3% higher than the average property price for California. So you’re going to get real estate in La Mesa, CA that is on-average less affordable than what you’ll find in the rest of California. As for rent, the median for La Mesa, CA runs $1,312, which is comparatively 1% higher than the average rent for California. For La Mesa, CA, about 41.2% of the population consist of home owners with about 2.5 people living in each property on average. Whether you’re looking for condos or townhomes that are low-maintenance and affordable or sprawling mansions, La Mesa, CA offers a wide variety of real estate.”

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La Mesa is indeed an interesting neighborhood to move into.

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