Living in National City is like having the best of both worlds. Peace and calmness, that is near the bustling downtown of San Diego, and the cultural gem that is the Mexican Border.

Life in Homes in National City
The sunset over at National City, California. (Photo Credits)

National City is also home to beautiful parks, and affordable but great hotels that tourists can stay in when visiting San Diego and Mexico. For those looking to permanently settle in the area, National City has great living amenities for its residents.

The website has explained why National City is a great place to settle in or visit.

“National City is becoming a popular San Diego destination with an array of beautiful parks, budget hotels and fun activities. Take a boat out on the marina, spend a day in Mexico or take a short cab ride to downtown all within minutes when visiting National City. Don’t miss this historically rich part of San Diego. National City visitors will be delighted with the beautiful architecture and historical buildings mixed with modern attractions like indoor and outdoor shopping malls and an array of wonderful San Diego restaurants.”

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Houses in National City mentioned some crucial real estate information on National City. These include housing prices, cast of living among other factors other people consider before moving to a new place.

“The median home price in National City is $290,500, while the median rent for a one bedroom apartment is $996. The median salary in National City , CA, is $41,437, and depending on how yours compares, it should help you determine which housing option is best for you.”

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Property Report National City also published real estate information on National City. Among the housing market information it discussed include appreciation rates and real property market information.

“National City has experienced some of the highest home appreciation rates of any community in the nation. National City real estate appreciated 25.40% over the last ten years, which is an average annual home appreciation rate of 2.29%, putting National City in the top 20% nationally for real estate appreciation. If you are a home buyer or real estate investor, National City definitely has a track record of being one of the best long term real estate investments in America through the last ten years.”

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National City is indeed an affordable city to live in but it does not scrimp on the quality of life that it provides.

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