Relocating or investing in Encinitas could just be one of the best decisions a family can ever make. Beach lovers for instance will have a constant source of peace and quiet as they bask in the coast life that Encinitas offers.

Loving the Homes in Encinitas
Lots of views of where the sea meets the sky: only in Encinitas. (Photo Credits)

The website The Art of Simple took pride in sharing how the author and her family’s lifestyle had been very ideal upon their settling in Encinitas.

Encinitas is a laid-back beach community, a city of over 61,000 residents with a small-town feel. The residents are known for tending towards green living (if you drive a Prius or use reusable shopping bags– no plastic here anymore– you’ll feel right at home); there’s a thriving local business scene, and a seemingly common love of the outdoors.”

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Houses in Encinitas meanwhile shared significant information about the City of Encinitas meant for those considering to live in the city. In the information that they shared they mentioned about household data, culture, as well as lifestyle.

“The number of housing units was approximately 25,740 units and there was an average density of 1287 per square mile. The housing units had 63.1 % of the units owned by the individuals, and the rest were held by tenants.”

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Property Report Encinitas

As for real estate facts about Encinitas, livability website AreaVibes shared real property reports about Encinitas. This data will hopefully be helpful to those who may want to invest in the area.

“Generally, real estate in the Encinitas, CA area is less affordable in California, as the median price of a home in Encinitas, CA is $820,400, which is 100% higher than the California average. The median rental price in Encinitas, CA is $1,791. This is 38% higher than the average rental price in California. Home owners comprise 63.9% of the population of Encinitas, CA, where an average of 2.6 people live in each home.”

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Encinitas is indeed a happy, perfect place for families who would love to live off the coast.

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