Living in Oceanside, San Diego is a mix of tranquility and fun urban vibe. It is perfect for small families, and single individuals alike given the amenities of this California City. It is one of the largest cities within the San Diego County, and has always been known for its more affordable cost of living compared to other California cities.

Its lower cost of living rates however does not mean the city lacks on amenities, culture, services, and vibrancy. The Oceanside Chamber of Commerce has mentioned in its official web page the many reasons to move in this city.

The Life in homes in Oceanside, San Diego
The beauty of Oceanside, California. (Photo Credits)

“The City of Oceanside, CA is a spectacular seaside town with a friendly atmosphere, where locals share the beach and surfers share the waves. Offering palm-lined streets, 3.5 miles of white sandy beach, the west coast’s longest wooden pier, and a small craft harbor, the City of Oceanside, CA is a quintessential beach community. The Oceanside Harbor and Marina provide diverse options for water sports, rigger canoeing, sailing, jet skiing, scuba diving, boat rentals, and whale watching excursions.”

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Houses in Oceanside

Oceanside has a mix of great location, and active lifestyle in terms of livability. came up with relevant information for those looking at moving to Oceanside. One of the areas discussed in their write-up is about houses in Oceanside.

Oceanside is located just south of the nation’s busiest military base, the Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, within San Diego County. Oceanside has among the most affordable coastal housing in all of Southern California and its year-round sunshine and perfect weather make it an ideal place to move to and settle down.”

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Property Report Oceanside

Real Estate and livability website came up with a property report Oceanside, CA that comes as a helpful information for those who may want to invest or purchase a home within the community.

“In Oceanside, CA, the median price of a home is $384,100 and $58,949 is the median household income. This means that the home price to income ratio is 6.5x, a ratio that is 2% higher than the average in California. The median home price is divided by the median home income to calculate the home affordability ratio. Homes in Oceanside, CA will be more financially accessible if the ratio has a lower than average home price to home income.”

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Oceanside is a great neighborhood to invest in as well.

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