When looking for an affordable place to settle in within the San Diego County, then El Cajon might just be one of the top suggestions one can get. It is definitely more affordable to live in this are compared to other places within the county, and the rest of California, BUT it does not scrimp on the amenities and great spaces for its residents.

ColdWell Banker shared local insights about how life is like in El Cajon, CA.

Aerial shot of the City of El Cajon. (Photo Credits)

“As the fifth largest city in San Diego County, El Cajon boasts a diverse and vibrant community. With safe and attractive residential neighborhoods, parks, libraries and other amenities, award-winning schools, and a quality of life that is highly sought, El Cajon is a shining example of exceptional municipal service. El Cajon is a full service City, with first-class police and fire departments.”

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Houses in El Cajon

Movoto.com in fact listed El Cajon as one of the most affordable suburban area in San Diego to retire in.

“The affordable suburb of El Cajon earns the fourth spot on our list with one of the lowest costs of living of any place we ranked. Home buyers will find everything from modest cottage and ranch style homes to sprawling craftsman and Mediterranean style homes.”

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Property Report El Cajon

Movers.com meanwhile shared a view of the neighborhood and homes in El Cajon, as well as relevant information for those thinking of moving in that city.

“For a generally quiet and scenic residential area, check out Fletcher Hills, developed in the 1920s. Locals boast great landscaping and views with a strong sense of community. You’ll be in close proximity to the ocean and the mountains, which includes various hiking trails and parks. You can get the best of residential and commercial in the city’s downtown area, which is alive with art galleries, a museum, boutique shopping, cultural events and a farmers’ market for fresh produce.”

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El Cajon is indeed an exciting neighborhood to move in to.

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