Excellent weather, full-packed amenities and low crime rate are what attracts more people to reside in Vista, California. Vista is a City within the San Diego County that is 20 miles away from the Mexican Border, hence the heavy presence of people of Hispanic descent in its neighborhoods.

Homes in Vista
True to its name, Vista California offers breath-taking views from a real estate standpoint. (Photo Credits)

Vista is a sunny suburb that is about 50-square kilometers wide and is generally hill-type georgraphy wise. WikiPedia has described the city in one of its entries.

“Most of the businesses are located in the flatter areas, and residences climb the hills. In undeveloped areas, the natural vegetation types includes chaparral brushland, oak-sycamore woodland, riparian (stream) woodland and oak-grass savanna. The natural vegetation is best seen in natural Buena Vista Park on the south side, in the San Marcos Hills east of the city, and in undeveloped pockets on the north side.”

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About houses in Vista

Neighborhood reviews website Townblip.com has described the real property market in Vista, California.

“There is a wide range of single-family homes available in Vista. At the low end of the price range you can homes priced in the mid $200,000s. At the high end there are homes listed for over $2 million. Vista is comprised of three Zip codes. According to DataQuick in May, 2015 the southern area of Vista (92084) had a median home price of $485,000; In the western part of Vista (92083) the median price was $381,750; In the eastern part of the city (92056) the median price was $453,760.”

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Property Report Vista

As for the properties that can be found in and around Vista, California livability ratings website AreaVibes.com described the real estate market within the area.

“The median home price for homes in Vista, CA is $392,700, which is 4% lower than the California average. This means that real estate in the Vista, CA area is generally more affordable than the rest of California. The median rent price in Vista, CA is $1,331 which is 3% higher than the California average. In Vista, CA, 47.7% of people are home owners and an average of 3.2 people occupy each home. From luxury houses to affordable condos to urban townhomes, there are many different types of real estate in Vista, CA.”

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Vista is indeed a great place to relocate to.

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